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When it comes to creating a lasting legacy in the esports universe, Team Liquid has it all figured out. Becoming one of the most significant and winningest teams in esports isn’t just about smart, deft gaming—it’s about bringing your fans and community along for the ride. 

Established in 2000, Team Liquid formed its grassroots beginnings during an era when esports were but a blossoming hope in the gaming community. Taking their first shots as a clan and StarCraft community site, it would be several years before Team Liquid clawed their way to victory as more than just an esports team, becoming a dynamic global company with incomparable influence within the esports industry.

In a reign that spans nearly two decades, Team Liquid has heralded countless champions, winning major titles across more than 20 esports, including StarCraft, Dota, League of Legends, CS:GO, Smash, Quake, R6, and many others. During that time, the collective teams within Team Liquid brought home more winnings than any other team in esports, with their total earned prize money amounting to more than $40M over 2300 tournaments in more than twenty consecutive years. 

The success doesn’t stop there. Team Liquid has become much more than just an esports team, breaking their own glass ceiling and adopting a blended identity as a media enterprise. Their video content production project, 1UP Studios, is “a full-service production company renowned for its high-quality documentary style filmmaking and creative commercial content.”

In addition to their unstoppable esports champions and video productions, Team Liquid is also behind the wiki network Liquipedia. The esports resource is the most widely used database for esports rankings, team and player profiles, results, tournament overviews, game information and more. 

Team Liquid didn’t find themselves at the top of the podium overnight. While the early days of esports were scrappy for just about every gaming organization out there, the founders and supporters of the Liquid community found the best path through the chaos. By leaning into the support of their fandom and providing unmatched support for their players, the formula for success started taking shape. 

Community has always been the name of the game at Team Liquid. While other early esports teams focused on lukewarm gaming strategy and clout, Liquid took a deeper dive into building an organization that would stand the test of time. They learned how to create crucial support structures and systems to help their pro players succeed. Over the years, Team Liquid has amassed a crew of supporting staff to take players to new heights, implementing the expertise of coaches, analysts, physical therapists, and psychologists.

One could argue that Team Liquid’s success is largely due to its ability to see the bigger picture and embrace the deeper meaning and mission behind esports. This company’s emphasis and upholding of its values of equality, sustainability, inclusion, and diversity fully support their effort to build a better future. 

Thanks to a foundation built on player support and fan connectivity, Team Liquid has grown into an unmistakably global organization, expanding their reach and leadership by building a community-led space for their fans. Their new fan-rewards platform, Liquid+, continues to drive eager participation in the esports community, while charity drives like the Mythic+ Pro-Am and IMC’s room to read Streamathon strive for an even greater good. Even more, Team Liquid lifts up their fanbase with creative fan contests and community-driven content like their Pride Mural, API Food Zine, Eve Ascension tournament, and Alienware’s Good in Gaming initiatives.

With Team Liquid at the helm from their headquarters at the state-of-the-art Alienware Training Facility, the realm of esports is poised for victory in a quest toward a more positive, diverse and sustainable future.