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Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) sit at an intriguing ideological crossroads in 2024. While some suggest that the NFT market has reached its peak and is slowly dying, others maintain that it is stronger than ever. Regardless of viewpoint, many corners of the market have maintained an objective level of viability despite macroeconomic shifts and fluctuating values, and NFT artists are one of several spurring forces keeping the market poised for future growth. 

Here are a few prominent NFT artists to watch in 2024 and beyond. 


Also known as Murat Pak, Pak has quickly carved a considerable niche in the NFT scene, becoming one of the most acclaimed NFT artists of the last few years. Park is perhaps best known for making the most expensive NFT sale in history – the $98.1 million sale of “The Merge” in December 2021 – and he looks to continue his noteworthy impact through his work in 2024.  


Mike Winkelman, better known as Beeple, is a multi-talented artist specializing in everything from short films to AR/VR art. In the NFT sector, Beeple’s influence is already becoming well-known with no signs of slowing in 2024; he has worked with a variety of major artists such as Katy Perry and Justin Beiber, and his work has sold for as high as $69.3 million. 


Under the Snowfro pseudonym, the Houston-based NFT artist Erik Calderon is the creator of the ever-popular Chromie Squiggle series, which reportedly represents the complex layers of the human mindset. Through his evolving work as the founder of the Ethereum-based Art Blocks project, Snowfro remains a prominent influence on the 2024 NFT market. 

Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs produces generative artwork through creative avenues like plotters, algorithms, and paint. Hobbs has gained international attention for his work in recent years, implementing visual randomness and spontaneity as his signature creative touch. This growing portfolio of work represents the NFT medium’s growing spectrum of approaches – an empowering influence on rising NFT artists. 


XCOPY’s work has garnered praise and enduring popularity due to its themes of “death, dystopia and apathy through distorted visual loops;” it implements flashing, abstract imagery to evoke a sense of unease and darkness. This raw approach has kept XCOPY a standout artist in the 2024 NFT scene, and fans of his work can expect even more groundbreaking visual conceptions on the horizon.


These trendsetting artists are just a few defining tomorrow’s NFT marketplace. With only room to grow and flourish as a progressive artistic style, the community can anticipate a bright future.