Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor is Managing Partner of Morgan Brook Capital, a leading family office based in Denver, Colorado. In addition to being a well known global investor, Dylan is a leading figure in the emerging NewSpace sector. Currently Chairman & CEO of Voyager Space Holdings, Inc., he directs the work of the multinational, privately owned, vertically integrated firm as a major player and an innovative force in its industry. Dylan’s other contributions to the space industry include philanthropic ventures, venture capital investments, writing, public speaking, and commentary in major media outlets.

Dylan Taylor holds a BS from the University of Arizona, from which he graduated as a member of the Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society. The university named him Alumnus of the Year in 2018. He also has an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Taylor started his career working in electronics, real estate, and investment firms. After accepting the position of CEO and president for the Americas with Colliers International, he went on to serve as the firm’s global president for four years before becoming Chairman & CEO of Voyager Space Holdings.

As a leading advocate for space manufacturing, Dylan Taylor co-designed a gravity meter that, in 2017, became the first object designed and commissioned by a private citizen to be manufactured in space. Crew members of the International Space Station made a copy of the item using a 3-D printer.

Taylor also works with innovative nonprofit organizations such as the Arch Mission Foundation and Space for Humanity, the latter of which he founded in 2017 to help democratize access to space. His other work in the industry includes his role as a co-founding patron of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, an influential industry voice. As an angel investor, he has supported over 50 space ventures, and PitchBook named him one of the top 10 investors in the sector in 2019.

In addition to his many published articles and busy public speaking schedule, Dylan Taylor founded the website 2211.world as a means of establishing a platform of communication regarding the philosophy and benefits of space exploration. He also sponsors and curates the Ad Astra Dinners, which bring together the World’s leading minds to share ideas and discuss the future of humanity in space.

In his spare time, Dylan enjoys hiking, competing in triathlons and spending time outdoors. He is married to author Gabrielle Taylor and has two teenage daughters.